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How to Make Your Appliances Match (Without Spending a Fortune)

Is Matching Your Appliances a Good Idea? We tend to love things that match, whether it’s a coordinated family photo, adorable collectibles, or a set of new uniforms for school. Many homeowners like the idea of matching their appliances, either by make, color, or style, to create a soothing kitchen environment. This is a great […]

What We Learned from the COVID-19 Appliance Shortage

How to Protect Yourself from Appliance Shortages and Delays Many of us are still feeling the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. With businesses, stores, and schools on lockdown, many people have been spending more time at home than they ever thought possible. That means more opportunities to open the refrigerator, cook a delicious meal […]

Taking Care of Your Glass or Ceramic Cooktop

Few things really enhance the appeal of a kitchen like a shiny ceramic or glass cooktop that looks smooth, scratch-free, and sleek. As is often the case, things that look great also often need more care than their traditional counterparts in order to maintain its classy appearance and prevent scratching, scuffing, and discoloring. It’s important […]

Tips for Keeping Mold Out of Your Washing Machine

Mold is everywhere – it’s only when it collects in massive quantities that it becomes readily visible to the naked eye. Usually by that time, however, the mold has the potential to really become a problem – it’s unsightly, smelly, allergy-causing, and potentially unhealthy. While there are many common areas in the home that we […]

Appliance Tips for the Winter Season

There’s no time like the present to make sure all of your appliances are in good operating condition for colder weather during the winter months! Your home and your appliances can be quickly affected by the cooler temperatures, so read on to learn about some things you can do for the cold season to get […]

How to Tell if Your Refrigerator Filter Needs Changing

Refrigerators are essential – and many of us these days also rely on them to deliver cold, filtered drinking water straight to our glasses. In order for these appliances to be able to do so, however, it’s imperative that the water filter be changed regularly. Many water filters in refrigerators have indicators of various types […]

Leaving Town? Protect Your Appliances with These DIY Tips

How to Protect Your Appliances Before Going on a Trip If you’re one of the many people planning a trip in the New Year, don’t make the mistake of leaving your appliances as they are. Things can easily take a turn for the worst when you’re not around, especially during the winter. You may come […]

Are Your Appliances Working Harder Than They Need To?

Reduce Wear and Tear with These Appliance Repair Tips The appliances in your home have probably been working overtime now that you’ve been spending more time at home. Whether you’ve been opening the refrigerator more than usual or running your furnace non-stop, your appliances may be having a hard time adjusting to your new routine. […]

Will your Washer and Dryer Kill Coronavirus on Your Clothes?

By now, everyone has heard all kinds of recommendations about disinfecting surfaces and hands with certain soaps and cleaners to destroy the coronavirus and ward off COVID-19. Every now and then, a little headline pops up claiming that “extreme heat” or “extreme cold” can kill the virus – but what exactly is “extreme”? Are common […]

Is Oven Maintenance Necessary After Holiday Cooking?

The kitchen becomes the epicenter of the house during the holidays, enabling families to gather around delicious dishes that really took a lot of cooking power to create. Everyone knows that it’s important for all of your appliances to be in good working order before and during the holidays, so people are pretty diligent about […]