Hand with a microfiber cloth is being wiped on the outside of the electric oven.

Are Your Appliances Working Harder Than They Need To?

Reduce Wear and Tear with These Appliance Repair Tips

The appliances in your home have probably been working overtime now that you’ve been spending more time at home. Whether you’ve been opening the refrigerator more than usual or running your furnace non-stop, your appliances may be having a hard time adjusting to your new routine. Considering each item can cost several thousands of dollars, it’s important to keep an eye on your home appliances as you force them into high gear. Use these tips to keep all your big-ticket appliances in the best possible shape.

  1. Check the Owner’s Manual

Most of us aren’t used to looking over the owner’s manual unless we encounter a problem, but this is your guide to making the most of your home appliances. As you continue using your appliances more and more, take a moment to go through the owner’s manual to see if you are falling behind on maintenance and repairs. Look for tips on improving the performance of your appliances. You should know the full lifespan of the appliance, including how long it should last.

You may discover new things about your appliances you never knew were there, such as cool features, automatic shut-off valves, and other helpful tools for increasing energy-efficiency.

  1. Watch Out for Strange Sounds and Odors

Your appliances may be trying to tell you something. As you continue to use your appliances, you should always watch out for signs that something may be wrong with your appliances, such as strange smells and odors. For larger appliances with a motor, listen for grinding sounds and clanking noises. This could be a sign of mechanical failure. Keep your nose peeled for burning rubber and rotten foods in case your refrigerator should fail. Burning smells usually mean your appliance is getting too hot, which could be a fire hazard. You should also keep an eye out for smoke in case something should catch fire.

  1. Use Your Appliances with Care

If you are adamant about extending the life of your appliances, consider giving them a break from time to time. Refrain from using these items unless it’s necessary. That means no standing in front of the fridge deciding what you’re going to eat and turning down the thermostat when you go to bed.

Your appliances won’t last forever. There will come a day when you will need to replace them. To put off this date as long as possible, go easy on your appliances to avoid additional wear and tear.

  1. Keep Them Clean

Nothing will damage your appliances like dust, dirt, and other forms of debris. All that gunk can get inside your appliances. It can also be a fire hazard in certain situations. Clean up the areas around your appliances, including all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Use long, flexible cleaning tools, such as a brush, to get rid of dust and dirt. Add these areas to your cleaning list to keep your appliances going strong.

  1. Repair Your Appliances Even When They’re Not Broken

Many of us will wait until something goes wrong to call an appliance repairperson, but this isn’t doing your appliances any favors. Consult your manual to see how often your appliances should be repaired by a professional. You can try maintaining your appliances yourself, but unless you know what to look for, it’s best to hire a professional.

An appliance repairperson will thoroughly inspect the innerworkings of your appliances to make sure they are working at peak efficiency. They will upgrade the parts and accessories to improve performance. They will also be able to tell you more about the condition of your appliances, so you know exactly how long it will last.


Use these tips to make the most of your appliances while you’re at home. Contact the professionals at Absolute Appliance Repair in San Francisco to book a service call today.