Tips for Keeping Mold Out of Your Washing Machine

Tips for Keeping Mold Out of Your Washing Machine

Mold is everywhere – it’s only when it collects in massive quantities that it becomes readily visible to the naked eye. Usually by that time, however, the mold has the potential to really become a problem – it’s unsightly, smelly, allergy-causing, and potentially unhealthy. While there are many common areas in the home that we routinely glance over, making mold easy to frequently spot, there are some areas that should be checked often for the presence of mold that many of us never think about, one of which is the washing machine.

Your washer uses a lot of water that can spread mold, bacteria, and odors around. It’s important that your machine is able to completely empty all water after each cycle and dry completely – mold thrives in moist, damp, water-ridden areas. Here are some tips to help you keep your washer free of mold:

  1. Leave the Door Open between Washes

It’s not going to be easy for your washer to dry out if air cannot circulate through it. Be sure to leave the door open – even a little bit helps – between wash cycles so the machine’s basket and hoses can dry out. Mold cannot survive in dry conditions or environments. If you notice that your washer continuously has a build-up of water, though, your drainage system may not be working properly, and you may need an expert in appliances repair in San Francisco to diagnose and fix your machine.


  1. Don’t Leave Wet Laundry in the Basket

For the same reasons that you should leave the door ajar, you should also promptly remove clothing from your washer once a wash cycle completes. When the basket of your washer is packed with wet clothing and no air circulating, it can quickly cause mold spores to multiply out of control. Set a timer and remember to move clothes to the dryer or clothesline right away.


  1. Don’t Use Powdered Detergent

Liquid detergent is recommended for washers, although at one time, it was the other way around. Powder detergents clump up too much, especially in a laundry room that is often humid or moist. Those large clumps don’t dissolve completely, leaving residue inside your washer. Before you know it, the drum will suffer from soapy build-up, cutting off airflow that is needed to keep bacteria, odor, and mold away.


  1. Clean Your Washing Machine Regularly

Whether you just have time to start a load without clothes to run some really hot water through the machine or you have a favorite washing machine cleaner that you use, a little TLC can go a long way to kill germs, dissolve residue, and flush away mold spores.


  1. Double Check for Left-Behind Clothing

Get into the habit of doing an extra look at the drum of your washer once you’ve removed clothing, just to make sure a little washcloth or sock hasn’t inadvertently been left behind. Moist clothing that is left in a washer (especially if the lid is closed) can easily start to grow mold before too long.


Following a few simple recommendations can save you a lot of time and hassle when it comes to warding off mold problems with your washing machine. Should you need assistance with your washer, or with your dryer, oven, stove top, refrigerator, freezer, or any other appliance in your home, contact our professional appliance repair experts in Marin County. We can help get your appliances back in shape or perform routine maintenance to keep them running efficiently for years to come. Contact us today.