Appliance Tips for the Winter Season

Appliance Tips for the Winter Season

There’s no time like the present to make sure all of your appliances are in good operating condition for colder weather during the winter months! Your home and your appliances can be quickly affected by the cooler temperatures, so read on to learn about some things you can do for the cold season to get optimum results from your appliances for comfort, cooking, food storage, and safety.

  1. Test Your Oven

Nothing brings comfort during the cold winter quite like a good hot meal; be sure your oven and cook top are ready to deliver! Make sure that your oven is heating up to the temperature it should be – and you should do it on a day when you’re fixing something simple, like an oven-baked pizza. Should you discover that your oven is taking longer to cook things than it should, call our appliance repair in San Francisco for help – you may just need a simple part replaced, such as a thermostat.


  1. Run a Self-Cleaning Cycle

This is another important preventative maintenance test for your oven. Your oven can reveal hidden potential issues when it reaches very high temperatures that aren’t noticeable with lower temps. Go ahead and turn on your broiler for a bit, or turn up the heat to 550 degrees to check for issues. If you’re planning a winter get-together of any sort, perform this test a few weeks in advance to leave time for service by our appliance repair experts if warranted.


  1. Those Appliances in the Garage

A lot of people keep a refrigerator or deep freezer in the garage, which is fine – however, sometimes it can void any warranties these appliances have due to the temperature changes that come along with changing seasons. To limit this temperature variation as much as possible, keep your appliances close to your home; don’t place them near the big garage door.


  1. Critters are Looking for Warmth, Too

Each year, be sure that you check the vent covers on dryers, vent hood flaps, and any gaps under doorways to make sure critters are unable to get into your home. This includes birds looking to warm up, insects, and other small animals. Even a small dent from a bike can cause siding to pop or a gap to open up, which just invites little intruders to wreak havoc on your home and appliances.


  1. Dryer Lint is a No-No

The lint that gets caught in your lint trap is extremely flammable, and the dryer air that comes along with winter makes it even more so. Did you know that dryer lint is the number one cause of house fires? Clogged vents, hoses, and traps can also cause your dryer to break. Make sure while running your dryer that you check the vent outside, ensuring that it is blowing out a good amount of air. Clean the lint filter trap after every load of laundry, and regularly pull the dryer out from the wall and clean all around and underneath it – you may be surprised at all the dust and lint under there.


Keeping your appliances in good shape for the winter season doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it does take some commitment. Make yourself notes in your calendar on your mobile device to perform these little tests each year before winter arrives, and you’ll be in good shape. Should anything break down, malfunction, or need attention, be sure to call our appliance repair in San Francisco for help. We serve all surrounding areas too, from Pacifica and South San Francisco and other locations throughout Marin County.