How to Make the Most of Your Ice Maker This Summer

Keep the Ice Flowing at Home with These Appliance Care Tips

Summer has arrived, which means the ice maker in your refrigerator or freezer is about to go into overdrive. From summer parties to packing the cooler and icing down your coffee on a hot day, having a working ice maker is key to having a great time all season long. But is your appliance up to the job?

Your refrigerator can only make so much ice at a time. And overusing your appliance or not maintaining it over time can cause it to break down at a moment’s notice, which will bring your summer fun to a halt.

So, what can you do to prepare your ice maker for the hottest months of the year? Use our ice making tips to keep your beverages cool.

Keep Your Fridge Cool

The ambient temperature of the room has a big effect on your appliances’ ability to make ice. Keeping the room where your refrigerator or freezer is stored nice and cool will speed up the ice making process because the appliance won’t have to work as hard to freeze the ice. If the temperature of the space surpasses 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the fridge may stop producing ice altogether. Check the temperature of your home regularly, including the kitchen or basement, to make sure your appliances are safe from the heat.

Give Your Ice Make Room to Breathe

You can’t make ice in a vacuum. The appliance needs a steady supply of fresh cool air to freeze the water. If your fridge doesn’t have access to air, your ice supply will melt away.

Consider moving the appliance to give it more room to suck in fresh air. Locate the air vent on the fridge, which is usually located on the back by the coils. Push the back a few inches from the wall to increase the air flow. Keep it away from hot surfaces, including the stove or oven, so the machine doesn’t have to work as hard to make the ice.
If the temperature is comfortable, open a window to let more air into the room. Avoid leaving your fridge or ice maker in a tight corner or confined space where the air can get stale.

Clean the Ice Maker

Nothing will slow down your ice maker like a clogged water filter or a dirty water pump. All kinds of debris can sneak inside your home’s water system, which can then clog up your refrigerator or freezer. The pipes in your appliances are only as clean as the water going into it. Be sure to change out the water filter on your fridge at the recommended intervals to increase the flow. This will also improve the taste of your ice and drinking water.

You can also have a professional clean out the inside of your ice maker to start off the season on the right foot. If your machine isn’t making ice as fast as it used to, this will help you get back up to speed. The repairperson or technician will take apart the ice maker and clean it inside and out.

Contact the professionals at Absolute Appliance Repair in San Francisco to have one of our technicians service your ice maker today, so you can have the best summer ever.