Refrigerator Spring Cleaning

Get Your Fridge Ready for Warm Weather with These Spring Cleaning Tips

Temperatures are rising, the flowers are blooming, and that means your refrigerator and freezer will need to work a lot harder to keep your food cold. But your appliance may need some repair before the height of summer arrives. Spring cleaning applies to your major appliances just like any other part of your home. Cleaning your refrigerator regularly can help you improve the quality and taste of your food and increase energy efficiency. Use these cleaning tips to get your refrigerator in shape for warmer weather.

Clean Out the Contents

It’s best to start by taking all of the food out of your refrigerator, so you can clean the interior. Place the food on a waterproof counter or on a towel to absorb the condensation. This gives you a chance to pull out the drawers and shelves in your fridge. Put them in the sink and wash them by hand with warm, soapy water. Dry them off with a towel before sliding them back into place. Don’t keep refrigerated food at room temperature for more than two hours or it could start to spoil.

Check the Labels

Use this time to go over all the food in your fridge and check the expiration date to make sure everything is safe to eat. All the items in your fridge should be kept in a sealed air-tight container. Wipe down bottles and jars if they have food residue on the outside before putting them back in the fridge.

Seal in the Cold Air

The rubber gasket around the door of your refrigerator and freezer is meant to seal in the cold air. Use warm soapy water to wipe down the seal to keep it flush against the wall of the appliance. Have your gasket repaired if it is cracked or falling off. Otherwise, cold air will escape out of the sides, which will inflate your utility bills.
Wipe Down Walls and Surfaces

Before you put the food back in the fridge, wipe down the interior walls and surfaces with warm soapy water and wipe it clean with a dry towel. Unplug the fridge and let the inside of your freezer defrost to clean the inside of it. Do the same for the outside of your fridge. Use stainless steel cleaner or wipes to clean the exterior of the appliance.

Replace the Water Filter

If your appliance dispenses ice or water, change the water filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep your water tasting fresh and clean. You’ll need to find the right water filter for your make and model. You can replace the filter yourself if you have the proper instructions or you can contact an appliance repair professional for assistance. The filter is usually on the inside of the fridge. Open the compartment and twist off the filter and twist the new one into place. Lay down towel to catch any excess moisture.

Clean the Coils

Last but not least, clean off the coils that power your fridge to avoid wasting energy. They are usually located on the backside of the fridge or on the bottom where they tend to collect dust, dirt, and other debris. Unplug your appliance if you haven’t done so already and carefully slide it away from the wall to access the coils. Use a steel brush to wipe off the dirt and sweep up any crumbs on the floor.

Your refrigerator will run much more smoothly once you’ve taken these steps. Contact Absolute Appliance Repair in Marin County to have a professional inspect your appliance, so you can keep your food cool all summer long.