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Best Ways to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

How to Disinfect Stainless Steel Appliances So You Don’t Leave a Streak January is a great time to clean off your stainless-steel appliances. Your oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator have probably seen lots of action over the last few months, but now that the holidays are over, it’s time to whip your appliances into shape. Stainless […]

Your Appliance Repair To-Do List for 2022

Important Steps for Maintaining Your Appliances in the New Year The new year is finally here, which means it’s time to make sure all your household appliances are up to par. Winter can be hard on your appliances as you spend more time at home cooking and doing laundry. Some devices may need to be […]

What to Do with Your Appliances During a Power Outage

No Power? Use These Tips to Protect Your Appliances Power outages can happen when you least expect it. Climate change is making severe weather more common across the U.S., including the Bay Area. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and heavy rains can all leave you and your loved ones without power. Your home’s power supply is likely connected […]

How to Protect Your Glass Stove from Cracks

Use These Tips to Keep Your Electric Stove Looking its Best Having an electric stove can be a great way to freshen up the look of your kitchen. These appliances have a sleek, modern look that will suit any interior. Electric stoves are also more energy efficient than gas-powered stoves. Despite their benefits, glass stoves […]

Why Your Laundry is Damp After Coming Out of the Dryer

Try These Tips If Your Dryer Isn’t Drying Your Clothes Properly You depend on your dryer every time your clothes are wet. But all that excess moisture might not have anywhere to go. In other cases, your dryer may not be able to remove the moisture effectively, leaving you with a soggy pile of laundry. […]

Is Your Oven Not Getting Hot?

What to Do If Your Oven Isn’t Heating Your Food Your oven has one job – to heat up, but there are a few things that can prevent that from happening. If your oven isn’t heating up at all or not enough, it needs to be repaired. There’s nothing more frustrating that turning on the […]

Why Dishwashers Leak and What to Do About It

Is Your Dishwasher Leaking? Use These Tips to Find Out. Your dishwasher is an important part of your home, but things can easily go wrong over time. Depending on when your machine was made, it could have anywhere from three to over a dozen gallons of water running through it during a normal cycle. That’s […]

Gas Stoves vs. Electric: Which Is Right for You?

Should You Continue to Use a Gas Stove in Your Home? Electric stoves are becoming increasingly common in homes throughout the U.S. They are more energy efficient than gas stoves and offer numerous health and environmental benefits. However, many people remain loyal to their gas stoves. Learn the differences between gas stoves and electric stovetops […]

Are Self-Cleaning Ovens Dangerous?

The Pros and Cons of Having Your Oven Clean Itself Ovens get dirty. That’s just the way it goes. Crumbs, melted cheese, and other food items will often melt at the bottom, leading to all kinds of headaches, including smoke and fumes. That’s why many people choose self-cleaning ovens. They are designed to clean themselves, […]