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How to Make Your Appliances Match (Without Spending a Fortune)

Is Matching Your Appliances a Good Idea?

We tend to love things that match, whether it’s a coordinated family photo, adorable collectibles, or a set of new uniforms for school. Many homeowners like the idea of matching their appliances, either by make, color, or style, to create a soothing kitchen environment. This is a great way to maximize the look and feel of your home, but it usually comes at a cost.

If you’re interested in matching your appliances, use these tips to avoid spending more than necessary:

  1. Focus on a Theme

You can’t match your appliances if you don’t know what to match them to. Most people will focus on aesthetics when coordinating their equipment. For example, you could fill your kitchen with stainless-steel appliances for a modern, sleek look. Others may prefer the look of kitschy, colorful appliances of the 1950s. You can also coordinate based on the manufacturer, like Whirlpool or GE, if you have had a good experience with their products in the past. Research various makes and models before committing to a theme to make sure you can bring your vision to life.

  1. Pick a “Hero” Appliance

If you’re on a budget, it’s best to start by picking what’s known as a “hero” appliance. This is essentially the main attraction of your kitchen or living space. It’s usually a high-ticket item or the one that’s in the best condition. If you love your brand-new stainless-steel refrigerator, start there, and see if you can match your other appliances to this theme.

This will help you refine your vision when designing the ultimate kitchen. You can start making small changes to the space and invest in smaller appliances instead of starting from scratch.

  1. Consider Repairing Your Appliances Instead

Replacing more than one appliance will quickly get expensive. Unless you have plenty of money to work with, we suggest having your existing appliances repaired instead. A repairperson will inspect the equipment to make sure it’s working properly, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart several months down the line.

To bring your dream kitchen to life, talk to the appliance repair company about installing a new finish or exterior on your appliances. You can have them install a stainless-steel front so that it matches the rest of the space. Shop for inexpensive coatings, buttons, and other appliance accessories to dress up your oven, stove, or washer/dryer as you see fit.

There’s nothing like coming home to a matching set of appliances. Your kitchen will look as if it was designed with purpose. It’s an easy way to update the space without investing in a brand-new fleet of appliances. Contact the professionals at Absolute Appliances Repair in San Francisco today to learn more about our repair services.