How to Keep Your Frozen Food Chill All Summer Long

Use These Tips to Keep Your Freezer Going Strong This Season

Life is about to get a lot hotter for millions of Americans with summer on the way. Temperatures are rising across the country and that can have a negative affect on your home appliances, including your freezer. This humble machine keeps your food fresh for months, if not years, on end. It’s also responsible for icing down your drinks when just about everything outside is hot to the touch. If your freezer could use a tune-up, keep these tips in mind to keep your food and liquids frozen all season long.

Clean the Coils Regularly

Your fridge/freezer uses the coils in the back to insulate your food from warm temperatures. The coils are there to cool down the interior of the appliance. The coolant flows through the coils, so it can divert the heat and turn it into a gas before moving it back through the coils.

If the coils can’t cool down properly, your fridge will have to go into overtime to keep your food cold. When temperatures are rising, clean the coils regularly to let the appliance get rid of excess heat. Pull the appliance a few inches from the wall to increase the airflow.

You can use warm water with soap or a cleaning solution to get the dust and dirt off the coils but make sure the fridge has been turned off.

Get Rid of Permafrost

Even the best freezers can fill with permafrost and haphazard ice sculptures from time to time. A little extra ice in the icebox may not sound like a big deal, but it actually makes it harder for your appliance to do its job. The cold air won’t be able to circulate throughout the interior. You also won’t have as much room to store your frozen food.
Ice tends to build up in the freezer when outside temperatures start to rise. Before summer gets into full swing, spend some time thawing out the inside of your freezer by turning up the internal temperature and leaving the door open. You’ll need to take everything out, but your freezer will be cleaner and colder all season long.

Keep It Full (and Organized)

You’re bound to use your freezer a lot in the summer as a way of escaping the heat. Keeping it well stocked will help the appliance keep the interior cold for months on end. The more frozen items there are in the freezer, the colder the interior will be. When storing items in your freezer, keep them sealed and organized to avoid making a mess. Get rid of excess air when sealing food inside bags. Use durable containers that are freezer-safe to keep your food and liquids where they belong.

If your freezer could use a tune-up before summer, contact Absolute Appliance Repair in San Rafeal to schedule your appointment today!