Macro closeup of modern luxury electric cook stove top stovetop cooktop with glass reflection and circles background in empty home

Taking Care of Your Glass or Ceramic Cooktop

Few things really enhance the appeal of a kitchen like a shiny ceramic or glass cooktop that looks smooth, scratch-free, and sleek. As is often the case, things that look great also often need more care than their traditional counterparts in order to maintain its classy appearance and prevent scratching, scuffing, and discoloring. It’s important that you be proactive with your appliance’s cleaning, not just to keep it looking great, but also to avoid having to call an appliance repair pro in the Bay Area at some inopportune time.

Following are some tips to develop good habits regarding your cooktop:

  • Keep certain types of cookware off of your cooktop! These include any pots and pans that can scratch the surface, such as stoneware and cast iron cookware. The bottoms of these types of dishes are very rough. These materials are best suited for bakeware for use in your oven instead.
  • Pans, pots, and skillets with rounded bottoms shouldn’t be used on glass or ceramic cooktops. Those that sit flat will be more stable, and won’t rock, slip, or slide around on your cooking surface. They also perform better, because with rounded edge cookware, the heat may not properly be distributed.
  • When you’re baking or cooking with any sugary ingredients, be very careful not to spill on your cooktop. The sugary substance could discolor it, leaving yellow areas that cannot be removed. Be sure to clean up any and all spills quickly.
  • Never, ever drag anything over the cooktop, especially heavy pots, pans, or bakeware. Lift and transfer instead to limit opportunities for scratching.
  • Never use metal pads or abrasive cleaners on your range top! These will scratch your smooth surface. Instead, opt for a soft cloth or sponge and special cleaning agents that are specially made for ceramic and glass cooktops.
  • Never place hot glass bakeware straight out of the oven onto your ceramic or glass cooktop. Also, avoid placing utensils on your top, because they can scratch, mark, or even burn it.
  • Keep the bottoms of your skillets, pots, and pans very clean. Grease build-up can leave rings and marks on your cooktop, and some substances become very hard when they dry in place for a period of time, which can also cause damage.
  • Don’t ever stand on top of or place anything heavy on a glass or ceramic cooktop – not even temporarily. While the cooktop might appear to have tolerated heavy weight initially, when it heats up, the ceramic or glass can then shatter.

Taking care of your beautiful cooktop will be a piece of cake if you follow the simple rules above. While there may be other things to look out for to refrain from damaging it, the above mentioned tips are the most common ways to avoid damage that will help you the most.

Should you need help with your cooktop, or with your stove, oven, refrigerator, or any other appliances in your kitchen, be sure to contact our experts in appliance repair in San Francisco. We serve customers throughout San Francisco, the Bay Area, Marin County, and surrounding areas.