What We Learned from the COVID-19 Appliance Shortage

How to Protect Yourself from Appliance Shortages and Delays

Many of us are still feeling the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. With businesses, stores, and schools on lockdown, many people have been spending more time at home than they ever thought possible. That means more opportunities to open the refrigerator, cook a delicious meal on the stove, and run the automatic dishwasher.

To make the most of their time at home, many people have been ordering or repairing their appliances. Increased demand, production delays, and missing parts have led to a massive appliance shortage all over the U.S. It can now take several weeks, if not months, for your new refrigerator or washing/dryer to arrive at your front door.

So, what does this all mean for you?

If you’re worried about the appliance shortage or thinking of upgrading your existing machines, here’s what you need to know.

Be Prepared to Wait

Investing in a new appliance is a big decision. These machines can easily cost thousands of dollars, so you need to make sure your next big-ticket purchase will serve you well for years to come.

If you have your eye on a specific make or model, don’t expect to get your appliance any time soon. The most popular items have been on back-order for months as manufacturers wait for their suppliers to send more supplies. Many companies are playing catch-up as they try to fill thousands of orders.

You should start placing your order or shopping around now, as it may take several months for your appliance to arrive by mail. You probably won’t find a lot of options to choose from when visiting your local appliance outlet or depot.

Consider going with a less popular make and model if you can’t afford to wait to get your hands on a new appliance. But don’t settle for a subpar piece of equipment that may fall apart after a few years.

Focus on Appliance Repair

We all depend on our appliances in one way or another. Considering all the delays and complications that come with ordering a new appliance, it’s best to make sure your current machines are up to the task at hand. You don’t want to be stuck at home without a working refrigerator, stove, or oven. That’s why you should have your appliances inspected by a repair professional.

Invest in preventative maintenance to get the most out of your existing appliances, so they don’t break down when you need them most. This means having a repairperson come to your house before your appliances break down. It’s the best way to make sure your machines stay on for the foreseeable future or until you’re finally ready to buy a new appliance.

An appliance repairperson will inspect your existing machines to make sure they are working properly. This can also help lower your energy bills. Your appliances will get less efficient over the years as they suck up more and more electricity. Use preventative maintenance to whip your appliances into shape as we ride out the last of the pandemic.

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