Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Oven and Stove

Keep Crumbs and Dirt at Bay All Year Long with This Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning isn’t just about reorganizing your closet and donating the items you no longer want to charity. It’s also a time to reflect on all the appliances that power your home, including your oven/stove. Heating up food can be messy, and ovens tend to be magnets for food, grease, stains, and crumbs, all of which can affect the performance of your appliance over time.

It’s best to clean out your oven and stove at least twice a year. Running the self-cleaning cycle might not be enough to protect it from long-term wear and tear. This process heats the oven to nearly 900 degrees Fahrenheit as a way of burning off excess food and grease, but this can also be a fire hazard. You might run it several times only to discover the food is now baked onto the side. Not cleaning your appliance by hand can also leave your food tasting like smoke and ash. You can try cleaning the oven yourself or hire the professionals to prevent it from breaking down entirely. Learn how to clean an oven inside and out, so you can start the season off on the right foot.

Clean Out the Inside

If there are large clumps of food on the inside, try taking them out by hand once the oven is cool. Use oven cleaner to get rid of stuck-on food and grease. Spray it over the stains on the inside of your oven and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Open the window to let in some air as these products can contain hazardous chemicals. Use a sponge or cloth to clean off the grease. Finish the job by using a wet wag to get rid of any chemicals that may still be inside.

Wash the Racks

Take out the racks and wash them with soap and water in the sink. Let them soak for up to 30 minutes when dealing with tough stains. You can wait for them to dry or wipe them with a clean towel before putting them back in the oven. Do the same for your stovetop grates if you are using a gas appliance.

Wash the Glass Door

For glass doors, you can use regular glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth or apply a baking soda mixture to get rid of stuck-on grease.

Wipe Down the Knobs

Use a household cleaning product to wipe down the knobs. Avoid spraying the cleaner directly onto the knobs, as this could damage the electrical circuit.
Clean the Oven Surface

With the grates removed, spray the oven cleaner onto the stove surface and wipe off any stains that have accumulated. Do the same for the sides of your oven and clean up any debris on the floor. Avoid moving your oven as you may disconnect it from the gas line.

Use this time of year to whip your major appliances into shape, so you can enjoy delicious meals all summer long. Contact Absolute Appliance Repair in San Francisco to have your home appliances repaired by a professional.