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How to Make the Most of Your Ice Maker This Summer

Keep the Ice Flowing at Home with These Appliance Care Tips Summer has arrived, which means the ice maker in your refrigerator or freezer is about to go into overdrive. From summer parties to packing the cooler and icing down your coffee on a hot day, having a working ice maker is key to having […]

How to Keep Your Frozen Food Chill All Summer Long

Use These Tips to Keep Your Freezer Going Strong This Season Life is about to get a lot hotter for millions of Americans with summer on the way. Temperatures are rising across the country and that can have a negative affect on your home appliances, including your freezer. This humble machine keeps your food fresh […]

Refrigerator Spring Cleaning

Get Your Fridge Ready for Warm Weather with These Spring Cleaning Tips Temperatures are rising, the flowers are blooming, and that means your refrigerator and freezer will need to work a lot harder to keep your food cold. But your appliance may need some repair before the height of summer arrives. Spring cleaning applies to […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Oven and Stove

Keep Crumbs and Dirt at Bay All Year Long with This Cleaning Checklist Spring cleaning isn’t just about reorganizing your closet and donating the items you no longer want to charity. It’s also a time to reflect on all the appliances that power your home, including your oven/stove. Heating up food can be messy, and […]