Why Frost and Ice Building is Up in Your Freezer (And What to Do About It)

Too Much Ice in Your Freezer? Use These Tips to Keep It Clean.

If you use your freezer regularly, you might notice ice and frost building up on the inside. Ice chips may start to coat your meat and frozen fruits and vegetables, also known as “freezer burn”. In other cases, you might have long icicles hanging from the ceiling. However, all this buildup can make your freezer less efficient. Learn how to get rid of excess ice and frost with these simple steps:

Why is Ice Forming in My Freezer?

Ice and frost form when warm or humid air comes into contact with the cooling coils of your freezer. When the two meet, the coils instantly freeze the moisture in the air. If there’s enough moisture in the air, it will turn into ice. This usually happens when you open the freezer on a hot or humid day. It may also be a sign that you have a leak.

Is It Dangerous?

Freezer burn and frost can affect the quality of your food, but it’s still safe to eat. The packages may look snow covered with small icicles on the sides. Be sure to properly wrap your food in plastic or some other storage container before putting it in the freezer to stop the frost from tinkering with the flavor. Most people say it makes the food taste duller.

As for your appliance, the ice usually makes it harder for your freezer to do its job. It will have to use more energy to keep the contents the right temperature. The extra ice can also damage the cooling coils in the appliance, which can lead to poor temperature control.

How to Prevent Freezer Burn

Store Your Food Properly

Seal your food properly to reduce sudden changes in temperature. Let your food reach room temperature before storing it in the freezer. Try to get rid of as much excess air as possible when wrapping items. Make sure that you’re only using freezer-safe containers for proper insulation.

Adjust Your Timing

You should be able to access the items in your freezer whenever you want, but if the problem continues, it might be best to avoid opening the freezer during the hottest times of the day. Take your items out the night before to let them thaw during the day.

Choose a Quality Freezer

Consider buying a freezer with a built-in defrosting system. The freezer will automatically defrost the interior once a day by turning the compressor fan on and off. Some models even use a small heater to melt the excess ice away. Find a manufacturer with a long history of making quality appliances.

Call a Professional

If these steps aren’t working, your freezer may need a tune up. Put your hand in front of the freezer and see if you feel any cold air escaping through the sides. If the temperature of the air changes, you likely have a leak.

Contact an appliance repair professional in Mill Valley or Marin County to have them inspect the model. They can provide new insulation and repair broken coils. If the freezer is beyond repair, they can help you choose a replacement based on your refrigeration needs.

Everyone needs a working freezer. Contact the pros at Absolute Appliance Repair in San Francisco to make sure your icebox is working properly.