Troubleshooting Tips for When Your Dryer Won’t Start

Try a Little Self Repair for Dryers

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to do laundry, and when the time came to dry your clothes the dryer wouldn’t start? This issue happens more often than people would like, but it doesn’t always automatically mean that the dryer is “broken”. There are certain things you can do to check if your dryer will not start.

The Power Source

One of the most common issues with a dryer not starting has nothing to do with the actual dryer itself, but instead the power source. If you have checked and confirmed that the dryer is plugged in, the next step is to check your circuit breaker. If you have an electrical dryer it will have two breakers that are clipped together, and if your dryer is gas it will only have one breaker. If you are not sure if it is tripped, it is always a safe bet to turn the breaker off and on.

Faulty Electronic Control Board

This troubleshooting tip only applies to dryers with a dial timer. If your push-to-start switch is broken, it can be the reason your dryer is not starting. You can check the continuity through the switch by using a multimeter, and if there is no continuity going through the switch, replacing it may do the trick. Although there are ways and means for you to do this at home, it is always better to have a professional service the machine for safety purposes.

Faulty Circuit Board

If you have an electrical dryer, there is a circuit board inside that controls the dryer’s components. If the circuit board is broken or faulty, there is a good chance that is the reason the dryer will not start. After unplugging the dryer, check the main control panel for the circuit board. If it is a faulty circuit board, contact your local appliance repair professional for the fix.

The Door

If the door on a dryer is not properly closed all the way, it will prevent the dryer from starting.  Close the dryer completely and press against the door gently to ensure it is closed. If it does not start, open the door and press in the door switch lever. If the dryer light remains on, it means that the door switch is broken.

Blown Thermal Fuse

Electrical dryers will not start if a thermal fuse is blown. Unplug the dryer and check the blower housing to find the thermal fuse. If there is no continuity coming from the thermal fuse, you will need to replace it. To prevent future fuses being blown, double check the exhaust vent for a clog. If air is unable to circulate properly, the dryer won’t run and it could cause serious damage to the appliance or even start a fire in your home.

To make sure your dryer has as few issues as possible, make sure to service the machine regularly. Clear the lint trap, make sure the vents are not blocked or clogged, and if there is something wrong with the machine that is not readily apparent, contact a professional.

For more information about what to do if your dryer won’t start, or if you have any questions, contact us today.