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Tips for Moving Appliances in San Francisco Safely

Whether you’re moving your major household appliances from one room in your home to another or you’re moving them out of the house, onto a truck, and transporting them across the country, there are things that anyone should take note of when moving appliances. Without proper preparation, appliances can easily become damaged, requiring the attention of an expert in appliances repair in San Francisco. In addition, due to their large size, heavy weight, and complex electronics, moving appliances improperly carries a significant amount of injury risk to the people who are moving them. Following the tips below can help minimize your risk of needing appliance repair or needing a hospital for yourself after trying to move appliances:

Moving Your Refrigerator/Freezer

You can’t just unplug a refrigerator and haul it off to another location. This one takes some prep time, mostly because you’ll need to defrost the unit, clean it, and make sure it’s completely dry before it’s moved. This includes any and all hoses, catches, and drip trays. Throw out any perishables that had been stored within if you don’t have another cool place to put them. Turn off the water that supplies the fridge, and disconnect the water line (if you have an ice maker feature). Pack any loose or removable parts in a marked box if you’re moving it out of the home. Be aware that many of these appliances have shelves and drawers that are not only fragile, but also removable. Be sure to remove these pieces and pack them safely; if you don’t, when the unit arrives at its destination, you may open the door to find nothing but broken shelving. Be sure to secure the refrigerator and freezer doors shut, either with duct tape, bungee straps, or appliance moving straps to prevent damage from doors swinging open during transport.

Relocating Your Dishwasher

This is another appliance that requires a little bit of prep time to carry out properly. You’ll need to clean and dry the dishwasher thoroughly, and leave the door open for a few days before moving it. This will ensure that as much moisture as possible has been removed. Disconnect all hoses, and wrap them in packing paper or towels for the ride to a new location – don’t worry about putting those hoses in a labeled box; just place them inside the machine for safe keeping until it reaches its new home.

Moving Your Washing Machine

The washer is for the most part just like the dishwasher, in that you’ll want to clean it thoroughly and let it dry out with the door open for a few days before moving it. You’ll want to disconnect the hoses, wrap them, and place them inside the unit for safety during transport.

Don’t Forget the Dryer

This appliance is pretty straightforward; you’ll want to clean it, secure the door so it doesn’t swing open during the move, and disconnect the ventilation hose from it. Don’t forget to unplug it or disconnect it from the gas supply (if you’re not comfortable doing this, contact our appliance repair pros in San Francisco to help).

Prep Your Stove and/or Oven for Transport

Start by thoroughly cleaning your appliance, and dry it completely. Remove any and all detachable parts, including burner grates, burner control knobs, and shelves from the oven. Be sure to put these pieces in a marked box. If you have an electric range, simply unplug it, and secure the door to prevent it from flying open if your moving truck hits a nasty pothole or bump in the road. If you have a gas oven/range, it’s best to have it disconnected by one of our professional appliance repair experts.

Moving Appliances in General

The number one rule of thumb when moving appliances in Marin County is “Better Safe than Sorry.” Always secure doors so that they will not fly open while being transported. In addition, always remove all lose pieces of any appliance that will be moved. Finally, secure all power cords so that they don’t trip anyone or get caught anywhere during transport. Moving appliances can be dangerous when done improperly, so reduce the risk to your appliances and anyone moving them by taking the time to do the job properly. Should you need any help with San Francisco appliance repair, contact us right away and let us know how we can help!