Dishwashers are available at a huge range of prices and sizes, but which are the best of 2012? This particular appliance is a significant investment, and you want to make sure your dollars are well spent. Luckily, consumer reviews and professional analyses are available to point you in the right direction. Here are the best dishwashers of 2012.

Size Comes First 

Typically, a kitchen dishwasher will fit a 24-inch space under the kitchen counter and has a hot water pipe, drain, and electrical wiring to hook up. While this is the most common, this is not the only size out there. There are designer drawer dishwashers that are typically more expensive, but they are also sleek, compact, and allow for separate washing cycles. The drawback is that consumers have found this individual style does not clean as effectively as the larger group wash. There are compact and even portable dishwashers as well, starting at $400 for those who have smaller living spaces. But when most people purchase a dishwasher, they are selecting the standard built-in model.

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