Gas or Electric? Which Stove is the Best Buy?

The Benefits of Gas and Electric Stoves

Something to keep in mind when choosing appliances for your kitchen is that the kitchen will be used on a daily basis for years. This is where you will prepare food and clean your dishes. It will also be one of the largest factors when it comes to how much your energy bill is.

A common choice that has to be made when it comes to a new stove is whether it should be gas or electric. The best choice for you depends on a few things, including whether your home has a gas or electric supply set up; before making the decision, it is important to consider all of the factors of both kinds of appliances.

The Cost

The overall cost difference between gas and electric stoves is something to address at the beginning. The upfront cost of an electric stove is less than a gas stove, but the operating cost of an electric stove is higher. Just how much higher depends on the make and model, the number of burners, and the power capability of each appliance. Be sure to check energy rating tags while you shop and if energy conservation is a priority, look for Energy Star appliances.


Kitchen safety cannot be overstated, and it is important to implement safe appliances into your kitchen. With this in mind, it begs the question: Is an electric stove safer than a gas stove? The answer may be somewhat surprising. In truth, both are safe. Electric stoves run the risk of an electrical fire, while gas stoves run the risk of gas leaks – however, each of these scenarios are extremely rare. In addition, risk of burns is greater with electric stoves because once a burner is turned off, it takes a while to cool down. On the flip side, the risk of accidental gas leaks from gas stove burners is something to be careful of – this can happen if someone accidentally brushes against a knob and turns on the gas without igniting a burner.

Heat Up Time

On days where you want a quick meal, electric stoves aren’t going to be your best bet there. The heat up time for an electric stove takes a few minutes, whereas the gas stove heats up instantly. For electric stoves you are going to want a bit more allotted time to prepare dinner because of the heat up time.

With these few things in mind, the choice is ultimately up to you on which is better because it all depends. If your energy bill is not very high every month, an electric stove may be better than getting a gas stove because you can afford to spend more on electric every month. If you are someone who has to eat on the fly, a gas stove would be better suited for you than an electric stove. It all comes down to which is more convenient and cost-effective for you. If you have any questions regarding gas or electric stove tops, contact us today for more information.