Must-Have Qualities of a Marin County Appliance Repair Company

There’s a lot that goes into hiring the right company for appliance repair in and around San Francisco – not all companies and professionals are the same. A great service provider is the foundation of a good repair! You should always know the cost of the service call before work begins, and companies that offer free estimates are a plus. You’ll want the repair work to last, so be sure to ask about guarantees on the work and warranties on any parts that were fixed or replaced, too.

As for the companies themselves, how do you know which ones are the best? You can look up reviews and customer testimonials all day long on the Internet, but there are some other excellent things to look for that will ensure that you hire the best provider for the work you need done:

  1. Availability

Most companies are going to be available during the day, following somewhat of a “bankers hours” schedule. This often clashes with those of us who work during those same daytime hours, though. The best companies will be available for emergencies 24/7, and many of them also have hours to some extent in the evenings and on the weekends. Look for a company with technicians who are able to accommodate your schedule – not the other way around.


  1. Licensure and Certifications

Any company in the Larkspur, Novato, or Mill Valley areas – or anywhere, for that matter – that is in the appliance repair business should always be licensed and certified to work in the state. No exceptions. Don’t let a tech tell you that the work you need doesn’t require licensure or certification, because it does. You need a company that abides by all federal and state laws who will do the job safely and correctly. You wouldn’t want someone without a medical license to perform your surgery, would you? Proper certification shows that your technician knows exactly what he or she is doing.


  1. Customer Priority

The way that a company and its technicians interact with customers speaks volumes about the quality of service they provide – and also about how much they actually care about their customers. For example, if you are investigating a company and they tell you they could arrive sometime between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., it could force you to cancel plans, take an entire day off of work, and more. This provides a hint to the priority level at which they place customers and the amount of respect (or lack thereof) they have of customers’ time.


  1. Website Quality

This one may not seem to fit into the list at first, but read on. A company’s website speaks volumes about the quality of work they provide, the way they think of their customers, and the extent to which they’ll work to earn and keep business. A well-put together website that is informational and user-friendly shows that a company is committed to making a business relationship with customers as worthwhile as possible. A website put together with care often reflects the care they have for their customers. Look for licensure information, availability, FAQs, testimonials, a list of services and brands serviced, and contact information on a site that is easy to find.

The first step to great appliance repair service is a great service company! Take the time to search for the best qualities and features – you want and deserve the best, so contact Absolute Appliances Repair. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, offer emergency service, and provide warranties and guarantees on our work. We can help maintain and repair everything from your washer and dryer to your garbage disposal to your refrigerator and freezer. Just ask us any questions you may have!