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How to Avoid Appliance Repair Scams in San Francisco

When your washer, dryer, refrigerator, or other major appliance stops working properly, fixing it often becomes an immediate priority. Whether the idea of hundreds of dollars’ worth of food spoiling scares you, or the thought of having to travel to a laundromat stresses you out more, the fact is that you will need the help of a pro to get things back in working order.

No matter how desperate you are for appliance repairs, however, don’t settle for just any repair company.

While a huge majority of appliance repair companies in the Marin County area are honest, fair, and truly want what’s best for the customer, like all other business sectors, there are always a few rotten ones in the bunch. There are some warning signs that could signal the fact that you’re dealing with a not-so-honest company, though. Watch out for some of the following bad business practices:

  • The License Fraud

Unfortunately, there are some professionals in several business sectors (not just appliance repair) that claim to be licensed, bonded, and/or insured who actually aren’t. They may tell you that the work you need done doesn’t require a license or that they are a factory-authorized tech when they actually aren’t. You can do a license check here, and you can also contact the manufacturer of your machine to ensure you are hiring a truly qualified individual.


  • The Pay First Scam

If a company or technician asks you to pay money up front before the work on your machine is done, beware! He or she might say they need your money in order to get a part, but the sad reality is that if you hand over the money beforehand, you may never see the tech – or your money – again. Don’t pay until the work has been completed.


  • The Personal Check Tactic

This is another red flag to watch out for when dealing with repair personnel: If the technician asks you to write a check out to him or her personally instead of making it out to the repair company. It’s all too easy for an unethical person to cash your check and pocket the money, only to have you fielding phone calls from the company demanding payment they never received.


  • The Broken-Broken Riff

This one can happen when a repair person is left alone in a home to finish a job. It’s sad but true that some people will intentionally break another part of an appliance or cause some other type of damage, then offer to fix it for you – for an additional fee. If you must be away from your home during a repair visit, try to have a friend, neighbor, or family member stand in for you at home during repairs.

By knowing some red flags to look out for, you can ensure that your Novato, Larkspur, or San Rafael area repair job is done in a fair and righteous manner. Another way you can rest easy knowing your task is in good hands is to contact Absolute Appliances Repair! We are licensed, bonded, and insured (we’ll even give you our license #: 43445) and have served the Bay Area for more than 15 years. Rely on us for your appliance repair needs!