Appliance Repair during COVID-19: What You Should Know

If your washer, freezer, stove, or any other appliance you have needs to be repaired, there are some special steps you should take during the coronavirus pandemic to keep everyone involved as safe as possible. While some appliances are “nice to have” and aren’t as vital as others, there are some appliances that need repairs right away, like refrigerators. You’ll need to decide, before anything else, if having a service tech come into your home during the pandemic is worth the risk.

During the recent pandemic, with social distancing being necessary, it’s more important than ever to prepare your home to have a service tech perform the repairs. Keep the following things in mind when you need appliance repairs in the San Francisco area during the coronavirus pandemic, and ask about any that you deem necessary when choosing a repair company:

  • A technician may have to come to your home more than once; most providers can’t possibly store every part for every brand on their service vehicles, so it may take a while for repairs to be completed.
  • Some companies and repair techs apply a hierarchy to repairs, especially if they are very busy. Customers who need service on things like refrigerators and stove tops may be assisted before those who need help with a dishwasher.
  • The best appliance repair techs in San Rafael, Mill Valley, and the Novato and Larkspur areas are operating as essential businesses and have adopted safety measures in accordance with recommendations from the CDC. This includes contacting customers before service appointments to make sure they are healthy.
  • Technicians should be required to practice proper hand-washing techniques, should avoid shaking hands, and should maintain a distance of six feet from others during the service call.

Precautions: Questions to Ask Before Scheduling Appliance Repair

Before scheduling your service appointment, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to in order to feel safe and comfortable having an expert at your home during the pandemic. Following are some questions you may want answers to for peace of mind during your appointment:

  • What measures do technicians take as they enter a customer’s home and also during the time they are in the home, like wearing a mask and gloves, and maintaining a six-foot distance?
  • What precautions does the company take before technicians enter homes, such as at their own facilities? This might be sanitizing hands before and after appointments and cleaning tools and supplies with disinfecting agents.
  • Does the technician wear disposable shoe coverings while in your home? The bottoms of shoes are some of the most germ-filled surfaces on the planet!

What You Can Do: Appliance Repair in Marin County during COVID-19

If you do need to have your appliance fixed during this pandemic, there are some things you can do to further ensure your household’s health and safety as well as that of the technician that enters your home. First and foremost, wash your hands – everyone should be doing this anyway, but it’s especially important if you need to touch the tech’s pen or digital screen in order to place your signature. Disinfect the appliance that will have repairs done, too – soap and water will work fine, if you don’t have disinfectant. Soak the towel in warm soapy water to destroy and virus particles that may be on it. Clean the appliance before the service appointment and afterwards, as well.

For all your appliance repair needs throughout the entire San Francisco area, contact Absolute Appliances Repair! We operate following guidelines set by the CDC for the health and safety of our customers and our team members. Schedule your appointment with us now!