Best Compact Washers and Dryers for Small Spaces in 2019

Best Compact Washers and Dryers for Small Spaces in 2019

The Benefits of Compact Washers and Dryers

In this day and age, you can never have enough space. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, the issue of not having enough free space can be troublesome. There are a few ways to minimize the amount of space certain appliances take up, like washers and dryers. Instead of having two large, separate machines in your laundry space, you could have a single unit. Compact washers and dryers are becoming more and more popular in homes in the U.S. as well as across Europe.

You may be wondering: Why should I purchase a compact washer and dryer?

Along with the benefit of more space, compact washers and dryers are a great option when you’re wanting to keep your laundry facilities hidden, such as in a space under a kitchen counter, for example. This is what many modern homes have nowadays, and compact washers and dryers are perfect for it. They’re also great if you’re trying to replace a 70s-style all-in-one-laundry center. There are plenty of reasons to switch to a compact washer and dryer, but it is important to know the different types so you can pick the one that best fits your home and your laundry needs. Following are some of the best compact washers and dryers for 2019.

LG Compact Laundry

Along with having a great washing performance, the LG WM1388HW uses tag-on technology that allows you to download different washing cycles to your phone and install them on your washer. This means that you will have more options regarding different cycles for every type of soiling and fabric. This washer has a stackable dryer option, the LG DLEC888W Compact Ventless Condensing Dryer. This comes with all the same smart technology features as the washer, and even has a “sensor dry” option which can determine if the clothes are completely dry.

Samsung Compact Laundry

The Samsung WW22K6800AW uses innovative features like steam power to ensure that your clothes come out stain free. With eight washing power options to choose from and 14 wash cycles, this Samsung unit is widely praised for its effectiveness. The unit is also credited for have little noise or vibration, due to a new Samsung feature. Along with having smart features, the Samsung washer can clean itself and get rid of bacteria to ensure cleaner laundry. The dryer that commonly accompanies the WW22K6800AW is the Samsung DV22K6800EW. This dryer uses sensor-drying technology to make sure your clothes are not under or over dried. This unit is also an electric dryer with a vent. Most compact dryers do not have a vent so this one is a rare gem.

Asko Compact Washer and Dryer

This Scandinavian company is about making life better and easier, and their products reflect that. Their W2084W washer uses eco-friendly technologies that give you the best results when it comes to cleaning your laundry. You have three different modes to choose from with this machine: green, intensive, and normal. Being quickly and easily adjustable, you can decide to be environmentally efficient or intense. The counterpart is the T208VW compact vented dryer, which offers energy saving programs along with shorter drying times. To protect the tumble dryer and condenser from lint, this unit comes equipped with a front filter. With this unit you won’t have to worry about noise. Using a design with six ball bearings allows the dryer to be incredibly smooth as it operates which reduces noise.

Fisher & Paykel

The WH2424F1 uses steam to get rid of stains and FabricSmart technology to strengthen your clothes. SmartDrive technology prevents the unit from making lots of noise. This washer offers a Woolmark cycle to ensure your wool laundry are cleaned safely without damaging them. The DE4024P1 stackable dryer offers unique energy saving techniques to ensure your clothes are dry and it prevents energy waste.

GE Compact Washer and Dryer

The GFW148SSLWW washer offers 14 wash cycles, making it process the largest capacity among all the other GE compact washers. A unique feature for this dryer is the “My Cycle” feature. This allows you to save the settings you put your clothes on (like temperature, intensity, and adjusted time) and you can use that cycle later with the touch of a button. The steam function of the washer gets ride of tough stains that are deep within the fabric, without damaging the article of clothing. The GE GFT14ESSLWW dryer is electric, compact, and ventless. Equipped with HE Sensor Drying, this unit will not over- or under-dry your laundry.

There are many different compact washers and dryers to choose from. Knowing what you’re looking for is the first step when searching for compact machines. Saving space and energy are both possible with compact washers and dryers, and with the many options out there, it is easy to find the perfect fit for you.

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