4 Breathtaking Celebrity Kitchens That Will Blow You Away

Celebrity Kitchen Designs

When we think of celebrities, we often focus on them possessing luxurious items, having expensive clothes, and driving fast cars. However, just like everyone else, they need a place where they can sit down and enjoy a nice meal before heading out for the day, and what better place to prepare for a busy day than your kitchen? If you’re looking for inspiration to renovate your kitchen or are just curious about what your favorite celebrity’s kitchen looks like, here are a few of them:

Lady Gaga


(image credit: The Agency, Lonny)

Lady Gaga’s kitchen combines her Italian roots with modern kitchen design. A large column refrigerator and a wide cooktop meets earthy tones and exposed beams, creating a cozy atmosphere and the perfect place to enjoy a night in or host a gathering of friends.

Gerard Butler


(image credit: Durston Saylor, Architectural Digest)

Butler’s kitchen gives off a vibe that is both rustic French and a medieval castle. Simply, there is something exciting when you break down the kitchen. The cabinets are made out of extra, unused flooring and paired with the stone backsplash, the space is given a look which is that of the old world. However, when we look at the stainless-steel refrigerator and stove, we are quickly reminded of the 21st century.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend


(image credit: William Waldron, Architectural Digest)

This kitchen has more of an “upscale bar” vibe than that of a “working kitchen”, and that is acquitted to the clash of bright accents against dark backsplash and cabinetry. The island in the kitchen is paired with a cook top that is so subtle it could easily be missed at first glance. With all of these styles coming together, we get a kitchen that feels elegant, contemporary, and classic.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi 


(image credit: Roger Davies, Architectural Digest)

This Hollywood couple’s kitchen has a professional double range and a storage unit placed above their kitchen island. This storage unit is brightly illuminated and gives a unique design to the room. The reclaimed teak floors and green color help accomplish an airy, natural feeling in the space. The windows allow plenty of natural light to enter the room, and it showcases the brilliant appliances. Cooking in this kitchen won’t seem like a chore at all.

If you’re ready to redesign your kitchen or you’re looking for appliance repair in San Francisco, these celebrity kitchen designs are a great start for knowing what you may want to include in your next kitchen.

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