Are Steam Ovens Worth the Investment?

Are Steam Ovens Worth the Investment?

What Makes a Steam Oven So Beneficial?

Though the concept of steam cooking has been around for many years, steam ovens are just now gaining quite a bit of popularity. Today it is all about how you can prepare healthier meals to eat that don’t take ages to cook, and with a steam oven it has never been easier. Whether you’re looking to replace the oven you have now or if you are renovating your kitchen, steam ovens are a wonderful choice.

You may be wondering: What are steam ovens?

The visual aspects of steam ovens are quite similar to regular ovens that you would see in homes. Instead of using a heating element, however, a steam oven uses water. The water is brought to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the temperature at which water turns to steam), resulting in a moist heat entering the oven. Since the primary source of heat in this oven comes from water, it can heat the food quicker at 212 degrees than an oven at 400 degrees. This is because water is a better conductor of heat than air. Following is everything you need to know about steam ovens to ensure you get the right one to suit your cooking needs.

Will my food come out crispy and browned?

One of the snags a steam oven has is that due to the low cooking temperature, you will not be able to expect food to come out crispy. Browning happens at temperatures around 300 degrees and over. For dishes that don’t require meat, this may be acceptable. However, if you want to cook chicken, there may be a lack of texture and overall flavor.

This is where convection steam ovens come in. Manufacturers are offering ovens that combine steam ovens and traditional heating elements. This gives an end result of moist food with an exterior that is crispy. The best part? You can choose whether you want to cook solely with steam or convection.

Where does the water supply for a steam oven come from?

There are two options your can choose from to determine where your steam oven gets its water: either a plumbed water line that goes directly to the unit or a refillable water reservoir. If you are designing a new kitchen, it is recommended to use the plumbing option because this way you do not have to worry about refilling the water tank.

What are the benefits of cooking with steam?

1. Better reheating results than microwaves

Reheating your leftovers with steam can ensure your food is heated evenly, which will prevent it from drying out.

2. Healthier, more nutritious food

With traditional ovens, cooking at high temperatures can destroy essential nutrients like folate and vitamin c, due to them being heat sensitive. Using steam can help retain these nutrients.

3. Save time on preheating and cooking

Due to the cavity of a steam oven being smaller than a traditional oven, preheating takes little time. Due to water being a better conductor of heat than air, cooking also takes less time.

4. No need to use fatty oils

Due to steam providing a natural, moist cooking atmosphere, the use of oils and cooking spray is not necessary with steam ovens. This results in healthier foods with lower calories.

What types of food can I cook in a convection steam oven?

Although steam cooking is often thought of for only dishes like vegetables, there is a variety of foods that you can make in a fast, healthy way. Steam ovens come equipped with many different settings that are for different types of food. There is convection mode, steam only, slow roast mode, and gourmet mode. Here are some things you can cook using a convection steam oven:

  • Baking: chocolate chip cookies, pita bread, dinner rolls, pizza
  • Dessert: bread pudding, cheesecake, chocolate souffle
  • Meats: roast chicken, slow-cooked pork ribs, poached fish, beef tenderloin
  • Defrost/reheat: pizza, casseroles, bread
  • Vegetables: Potato salad, steamed veggies, scalloped potatoes

The potential that comes with steam ovens is incredible. With modern technology, these ovens can deliver food that has never tasted better. With convection steam ovens you can get the best of both worlds a crispy exterior and moist interior. With steam ovens you are able to enjoy food that is quicker to make and healthier for you.

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