Washing machines might be considered as one of the greatest inventions of science. Washing machines are there to help us out while doing laundry; they are used to automate the whole process of laundry and making it a child’s play.

In early times people use to wash clothes with hands and later on buckets were used to squeeze tumble and wash the clothes. The process was both painful and time consuming.

The first version of washing machine was not as dreamy as most people think but it was a blessing for many. The first washers created were more of a car engine then a washing machine and worked on a low speed one cylinder, the casing were also wooden and metal tubs were used. Back then washing clothes was a concept that was only to be used with hot water therefore the tubs were heated from below to create a good temperature. Apart from that there were no modern day fancy features in the machines and all the squeezing, twisting and tumbling were done by hand or manually. But with the advent of electronic motors, spinning system was introduced.

The first washing machine came into being in 1851 by James king and since that time there has been numerous modifications in the washing machines to make it according to the elevating demands of the modern times.

The first modern machine was introduced in the market in 1937 by General Electric. The invention of the washers was an instant hit and reached up to the mark of 913,000 units sold just in few years of being marketed. Since that time there have been number of washing machines producers from around the world and the modern day washing machine brings the same purpose of washing clothes but now it’s done with style and more convenience.