Kenmore freezers have a flash defrost feature that allows you to quickly thaw out the ice inside the unit. Cleaning the interior of the unit can then be quickly accomplished provided you take the necessary steps.

Here are the steps for using the flash defrost on a Kenmore freezer.

  • Remove all the contents inside the freezer. Keep the contents in basins or place them on towels or several sheets of newspaper to control melting liquids. Keep a dishrag nearby to wipe away the excess melt-water. You should also spread newspapers around the freezer to catch the melt-off. If an item needs to be kept cold, keep it in an ice-box or cooler.
  • Turn on the flash defrost button.This button will activate the heating coil that will thoroughly melt all the ice at a much faster rate than simply exposing it to room temperature. The accompanying user’s manual should indicate how long it will take for your freezer model to finish defrosting. Keep the freezer door open during the defrosting cycle and clean-up, as closing it will halt the flash defrost cycle.
  • Turn off the flash defrost before cleaning the interior. Once all the ice has melted, switch off the flash defrost plunger and remove the plug from outlet to prevent any chance of an electrical accident. Use a washrag to wipe the interior of dirt and liquid; you can also use baking soda to remove bad odors. You may use a bit of liquid soap or detergent to remove stains and odors. Make sure to remove excess moisture before re-plugging the unit. Avoid using toxic cleaning supplies that may contaminate the freezer contents. Make sure the power cord is not exposed to moisture when cleaning the unit.
  • Re-plug the freezer. Switch the freezer on and return all the contents back in place. You can add activated carbon to prevent odors from building up. Clean the work area and properly dispose of the wet newspapers.
  • Troubleshoot a faulty flash defrost. If the freezer isn’t defrosting quickly when you set the flash defrost on, check if the unit is plugged in the socket. The freezer should also be open during this cycle. Do not expose any wires while the unit is plugged in or the interior is still moist. If the flash defrost still won’t operate, contact the Kenmore service center to ask for help or schedule for repairs. You may still defrost the freezer manually by exposing the interior to room temperature, but keep the contents in ice boxes or store them temporarily in your neighbor’s freezer until you can clean and power up your freezer again. Make similar arrangements with the contents while the freezer is being examined and repaired.

Do not operate your freezer under direct sunlight or expose it to the elements to prevent it from being damaged prematurely. Read the user manual thoroughly and operate the freezer within stated parameters, and do not store any item that will prevent the freezer door from closing properly.