The kitchen in my previous home resembled a time capsule of 1950’s appliance splendor.  The yellow enamel wall oven with its round glass window was state of the art in 1953, but had become a vintage curiosity by the time I lived there.  The matching yellow cook top still worked fine, but looked rather dated, although it did go well with the yellow boomerang pattern laminate countertops.   While they may not be technological wonders by today’s standards, mid-twentieth century appliances had simple controls and were built to last for decades.

Kitchen appliances today are not just functional machines, they’re high tech works of art.  The stainless steel, colored glass and bronze finishes seen in contemporary showrooms make the appliances of decades past seem rather dowdy. Modern appliances can be concealed to near invisibility or be the stand out stars in the kitchen.  Even small appliances now have plenty of style.  They often resemble sculptures sitting on kitchen countertops.   It’s easy to forget about safety when confronted with all the dazzling appliance surfaces.

Whether your appliances are gleaming new marvels of technology or have seen better days, there are some basic safety tips to keep in mind for using and maintaining the appliances in your kitchen.

  1. Read the instruction manuals.  Modern appliances are complicated and using them safely often requires more than just flipping an on-off switch.  The manufacturer’s recommendations for safe use can be found in appliance manuals, but many people never take the time to read them.
  2. When you buy a new appliance, fill out the registration card.  Manufacturers then have a way to contact you in the event of a product recall.
  3. All appliances should have a UL seal of approval, indicating they have been tested and are safe to use.
  4. Do not use extension cords with appliances.  Check the cords on small appliances periodically to be sure they’re not frayed, burned or otherwise unfit for use.
  5. Vintage appliances, both large and small, are a hot design trend.  Vintage appliances should be professionally inspected and rewired if you plan to use them for more than display purposes.  Better yet, buy new appliances that look vintage.
  6. If you have electrical appliances with removable cords, connect the cord to the appliance first, then plug it into the wall outlet.  Unplug the cord from the wall outlet first, too, and then disconnect it from the appliance.

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