Close-up moter inside with Washing Machine

Top Ways to Fix an Unbalanced Washing Machine

Most people are familiar with the jarring sound of a washer that’s gotten out of balance. The thumping, swooshing, and sometimes grinding noises are unmistakable! Sometimes a quick shift of the clothing in the agitator is all it takes to resolve the issue, but any expert in appliance repair in San Francisco will tell you that it may take more than that to give your clothes a smooth, balanced ride in the washing machine.

It’s important that you act quickly if you discover that your washer is off-balance in order to prevent permanent damage to it. Although fixing an unbalanced load is simple, the issue can arise from several different causes.

So, what do you do when you’ve rearranged the clothes inside the washer over and over again, but the machine just will not balance out? The problem almost always presents itself during the spin cycle, because of the force and speed at which the washer moves the agitator to spin out excess moisture from clothing. If you’ve tried to fix the problem of an unbalanced load repeatedly by moving clothes around to no avail, the following suggestions may help:

  1. Make sure the machine itself is on a level floor. It isn’t always easy to spot flooring that isn’t level, and when there are a washer and dryer sitting on top of that floor taking up a good amount of space, it can be even harder. Washing machines need to be level across the sides and front to back to keep it from wobbling and thumping all over the place. Be sure that all four legs of the appliance are firmly on the floor, too. Some machines have legs that can be adjusted to different heights to compensate for any uneven flooring.


  1. Check to make sure all shipping materials have been removed. This is relevant if you’ve just purchased a new washer. It may seem like common sense to make sure packing materials are removed, but people are often surprised at all the places these materials can hide in! There are many packing materials that are easily mistaken for parts of the washer, too, including spacers, clamps, and shipping bolts. Items like these that are not removed can not only cause problems with wash cycles, but can also damage your washing machine


  1. Ensure that no laundry items are caught in the Laundry items that get caught within your machine can throw it off balance and possibly cause damage to it, resulting in you having to place a call to a San Francisco appliance repair specialist. Look to see if there are any small laundry items, such as socks, that might be stuck below the tub or between the agitator and the inner tub. Smaller items like buttons and coins can cause issues, as well. If you don’t see an obstruction anywhere, you may need to remove the top or front panel and the agitator to check.


  1. Call Your Mill Valley Appliance Repair Pro. Sometimes there isn’t an immediately apparent reason for a washer to continuously remain off balance, and an expert should be called out. Your tub could be worn out, or there might be internal damage to the parts of the machine already. If you’re not comfortable removing panels or agitators, don’t hesitate to call on a professional to do it for you. This way, you’ll know the problem will be solved efficiently and correctly, and you won’t have to worry about causing further damage to your washing machine.


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