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Top Appliances in 2018 That Hold Their Value

We all appreciate the convenience modern appliances can afford us, but with the constantly rising costs these days, when we are ready to make a purchase, we want to make sure we’re getting a reliable investment; one that will give us our money’s worth in the long-run. Some appliances can end up costing thousands of dollars, so we want to know that whatever we choose to buy, will be able to hold its value for the longest time possible.

Aside from finding an appliance that will work well within the confines of your lifestyle, you also have to be concerned about its value. Below is a list of what we believe are the best appliances you can choose and feel confident that their value will remain sound for many years.



Frigidaire offers products that come in a wide range of high-quality and energy efficient appliances that work well both in the kitchen and the laundry. Because its brand name is highly respected for producing new and innovative designs, you can be confident that whatever appliance you buy will have a superior style, perform well, and offer amazing affordability. In 2018, Frigidaire offered great deals on a 30” Double Electric Wall Oven, 36” French Door Refrigerator, 30” Glass Canopy Wall-Mount Hood, 30” Gas Cooktop, and a Fully Integrated Dishwasher, all of which, will hold their value for years because of the high-quality Frigidaire is known for.



When you are looking for affordable appliances with a superior quality, nothing compares to the Samsung reputation. Samsung appliances hold their value for longer because they always offer new and innovative technology. They offer a four-piece kitchen set that includes a 36” French Door Refrigerator, a 30” Freestanding Electric Range, a 24” Top Control Dishwasher, and a 30” Over the Range Microwave Oven.



Bosch appliances have consistently been ranked as one of the top three appliances in the world. They are contemporary in design and perfect for those who want a modern and updated kitchen. Considered to be luxury appliances, you know you’re getting everything you pay for no matter which appliance you choose. They offer a 36” Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator, a 30” Electric Slide-In Range, a 30” Pyramid Canopy Chimney Hood, and a 24” Ascenta Energy Star Rated Dishwasher.



These German-made appliances are known for their top quality and sustainable designs. All of their products offer a high level of performance and are sustainable, so it will be a long time before you need to pay for an appliance repair. Miele offers a 48” Freestanding Dual Feel Liquid Propane Range, a 48” Wall Mount Canopy Range Hood, and a 24” Full Console Dishwasher.


Anyone who is looking for the benefits of owning high-quality appliances that consistently perform well and consistently deliver a high value will find that these are the best choices. While they may be a little more expensive on the front end, you can be confident that they come from companies that will readily back up their products. For those who are looking to go down the route of appliance repair, contact us today to set up an appointment! Here at Absolute Appliances Repair, pride ourselves in meeting all of your major appliance repair needs in the San Francisco area. Call us today to book your appointment (415) 831-1259 or email us at