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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Front Load Washer Won’t Start

Chances are good that when you discover your front loading washer won’t start, it’s usually filled with dirty clothes. While it’s true that no time is a good time to discover that your appliance won’t work, it’s even more frustrating when you’re in a hurry, have other things to do, and you just wanted to get a load of laundry going!

There are any number of things that can prevent your washing machine from starting, but there are five that are more often the “usual suspects” than others. Part failure might need expert attention, but if the problem is a power issue or a wrong setting, you may just need a DIY fix. Before you contact a pro for appliance repair in San Francisco, read on to see if these five issues might be your culprit:

  1. Power Issues

Even if you’ve never had a tripped circuit breaker or problem with loose power outlets, the problem could still be that your washer isn’t getting the power it needs to operate. Check to make sure a pet didn’t stumble and trip over the cord, unplugging it. Check your home’s circuit breaker box and reset the switch that goes to the appliance. To reset it, just flip it off and back on. Are you using an extension cord? If so, don’t. they can’t safely transfer the voltage required for washing machines and cause surges that cut off power. Your machine might also just need a reset. Unplug the washer or turn off the power to it at the breaker box for one minute, then restore power and try to start the washer.


  1. Door Issues

Front load washers won’t start if doors are not completely closed and latched – it’s a safety feature. Don’t ever slam the door shut, as it could damage the seal. Always firmly close the door (without slamming it) to make sure the latch engages. If the door won’t close, check for clothing that might be in the way. Speaking of the latch, that’s another reason why the washer may not start. If the latch is defective or damaged, and if it won’t click when engaged, it won’t show continuity with multimeter testing. This will require professional replacement.


  1. Control Lock is On

Check your display panel and see if “LC” or “LoC” is displayed. If it is, the control lock is on – this is a safety feature that prevents an accidental start by disabling all washer functions. To turn the control lock off, you’ll need to hold down a button or a combination of buttons. Refer to your owner’s manual to find the deactivation process; once it’s deactivated, the LC or LoC message will no longer illuminate.


  1. Washer Setting Issues

Make sure you check the display panel to ensure you’ve selected the mode you want for the laundry load. For example, is the “Delay Start” feature turned on? Settings of all kinds are sometimes easy to accidentally activate, so double check the current settings. If your display panel shows an error code, nothing you do will make the machine start until that code is gone. Your user manual can give you insight as to what different codes mean and what needs to be done to fix the issue.


  1. Damaged or Defective Parts

If you’ve gone through this list and your washing machine still won’t start, you most likely have a damaged or defective part causing the issue. A washer has many more parts than many people realize, and although proper regular maintenance will improve the longevity of the parts, nothing lasts forever. You may need an expert in San Francisco appliance repair to check the timer, the line fuse, the display board, and any other number of parts.

If you need a professional to diagnose and repair a washing machine in Marin County, contact Absolute Appliances Repair. We service all major brands and models and have emergency services available, too. We help customers throughout the San Francisco area, from South SF to Daly City to Pacifica and beyond. Contact us today.