Smart Refrigerators Next To Be Exploited By Hackers

New “Smart” Refrigerators have an always-on internet connection that enables consumers to stream videos, check emails from the kitchen, and keep track of the amount of items inside your refrigerator.

Hackers have now targeted smart devices such as Smart Refrigerators and Smart TVs. Your smart appliance, if compromised by hackers, could be used in activities such as sending Spam Emails and contributing to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks against websites.

In a time when most of us have enough to worry about with the security of our computers and phones, we will now have to make sure that our refrigerators and TVs always have the latest software updates applied.

Could you imagine calling the local computer repair shop to ask if they work on refrigerators?

Please don’t let this all dissuade you from purchasing a new “Smart Refrigerator”.

At Absolute Appliances Repair we repair all refrigerators, regardless of their intelligence level.