Senior Working Man is Fixing an Extractor Fan at Home.

Now is the Time for Appliance Repair in the San Francisco Area

Summer is over, and that means all kinds of changes for your home, inside and out. While the temperature steadily drops, everything from your doors and windows to your appliances and home comfort systems are changing to adapt. You might notice your doors are a bit “loose” or they swing open now when during the hot, humid months, they were a bit difficult to open and close – maybe they even grazed the floor a they moved.

Temperature levels impact our homes more than many people realize, including appliances. It may sound crazy, but even the ice maker in your refrigerator can be affected. It uses water from your home’s water lines, and because those water lines ultimately are sourced from outside of your home, the temperature of that incoming water fluctuates. Your refrigerator ice maker has to work harder to chill warmer water and also has to have unfrozen water coming in to keep functioning during the coldest weather.

Don’t Ignore the Little Things

With so many changes like this affecting the machines in your home, the autumn is the perfect time to have one of our experts of appliance repair in San Rafael come and perform preventative maintenance on your appliances. Whether you’ve just kind of ignored that strange buzzing noise from your dishwasher, your dryer hasn’t seemed like it’s getting as hot as it should anymore, or you’ve been skirting around your ice maker not freezing ice cubes, you always want to take care of little problems before they turn into big, expensive issues at the most inconvenient times.

The holidays are just around the corner, and whether your oven hasn’t been cooking food as quickly as it should or you think it’s performing just fine, you don’t want to neglect it and take the chance of your holiday dinners being ruined by a busted stove or oven! The tricky thing about appliances is that even when they seem to be working perfectly normally, they also often don’t give us any warning of their impending demise, which is why it’s so important to catch issues that sometimes aren’t noticeable. This is why contacting one of our experts in appliance repair in Marin County before something breaks is so crucial.

Appliance Repair in San Francisco

Absolute Appliances Repair serves customers in the San Francisco, San Rafael, Mill Valley, Novato, and Larkspur areas. We also will repair your dryer, dishwasher, oven, stove, refrigerator, freezer, or washer if you live in any of the surrounding areas, too. Don’t wait for your appliances to break before contacting us – save time, money, and frustration by having us perform routine maintenance now.