Is Your Refrigerator Making Your Food Smell Bad?

Learn About the Different Causes of “Fridge Smell” and How to Get Rid of It

Your refrigerator is the gatekeeper for most of your family’s food. It’s where you store some of the most important food items, including meat, produce, dairy products, and whatever you made for dinner last night. But some refrigerators can produce strong odors that will change the way your food tastes and smells. These fumes can pass through plastic packaging, depriving you and your loved ones of the favors you’ve been craving.

Learn more about fridge smell and what to do if your food doesn’t taste as good as it should.

What is Refrigerator Flavor or Smell?

Smells can travel easily inside your refrigerator. Plastic containers and bags may not be enough to properly insulate your food from these odors. Your next meal or snack may smell strange or taste dull, depending on what’s causing the stench. This is what’s known as refrigerator flavor or fridge smell. Some appliance owners say the smell has gotten so bad that it permeates throughout their entire house.

What Causes Fridge Smell?

Your fridge will start to smell if your food spoils or you leave it in there for too long. But experts say the problem usually has to do with the appliance itself.

Your food will start to smell if the appliance isn’t working properly or needs to be cleaned. Your containers will then absorb this smell, when then spreads it to your food.

Some refrigerators have a drip tray that collects crumbs and fluids if there is a leak. The drip tray should be cleaned often, or these food particles will start to rot.

Your food may also spoil easily if your refrigerator isn’t properly insulated. Leaks and poor insulation can let cold air slip through the cracks, leaving you with lukewarm food.

What to Do If Your Refrigerator Smells

You should be able to fix the issue yourself, but getting rid of the smell can be time-consuming, so consider calling an expert instead.

Start by removing any spoiled food in the fridge. Smell individual items and containers to see if they’ve been affected. It’s best to take everything out one by one until you find the source of the odor.

If your food hasn’t spoiled or the smell is still there, clean out the inside of your fridge, including the walls, shelves, and drawers. Inspect the nooks and crannies of your fridge where crumbs and other debris can hide. You can use household cleaners or baking soda and water to remove the odor.

Check to see if your appliance comes with a drip tray. Locate it in the fridge and clean it out to see if that resolves the problem. You may also need to clean the evaporator, which sends cold air into your fridge. If your coil is damaged or the evaporator is dirty, it may need to be replaced or cleaned by a professional.

Once the smell is gone, remember to clean your fridge often to prevent odors in the future. Store your food in air-tight containers that won’t spill or leak.

If the odor still lingers, you should call an appliance repairperson. They will inspect your fridge until they find the source of the problem.

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