How to Clean Your Glass Stove Tops

How to Clean Your Glass Stove Tops

There is nothing sleeker and more stylish in a kitchen than a beautiful scratch free glass stove top. This new element can give any kitchen a modern look, and when not in use, can also serve as additional counter space when you don’t have a lot of room to work with. That is until you have to clean them. Sometimes a pot over boiling or a sauce dripping on the hot surface can leave you thinking you need an entire cooktop repair in SF. However, in most cases with proper planning, such a drastic step may not be necessary.

Just like with any other glass around your home, cleaning isn’t always easy. You can spritz it with your favorite cleaner but that often leads to unsightly streaks that are hard to get out. And that’s not to mention the challenge of keeping those nasty smears and fingerprints that are often left behind. Here are a few tips that can help to keep your glass stove top looking as new as the first day you used it.


Use Your Pantry

When cleaning any type of stovetop, the best approach is to not allow any type of buildup to accumulate. Unfortunately, with glass stove tops, you can’t wipe them down until they cool. What often happens is you wander off and turn on the tv or get involved in some other activity and before you know it you’ve forgotten to go back and clean up the mess. When you do, you may find the grease and other foods have adhered to the surface making the work a lot harder than it could have been.

To take care of this problem, start by taking a damp towel or sponge and wiping away any loose material. Then spray the surface with white vinegar to break up any greasy splatters or spills that may remain. Use a clean cloth to wipe the glass clean, leaving a sparkling shine.


Baking Soda

If it doesn’t come completely clean with the vinegar, then sprinkle the glass top with baking soda. This is a very natural cleaner that has just a hint of abrasive properties that will break down any hard to clean substances without scratching the glass.

You may be required to apply a little bit of elbow grease, though. Rinse your towel out often and wring out any excess water so that you don’t end up reapplying the grease back to the surface. You will have to do this frequently until the surface is completely free of debris.

Once it is completely clear of debris, go over the surface again with the white vinegar to restore its natural shine to the glass.


When All Else Fails

Sometimes liquids and sauces can get really cooked onto the surface. When it is really baked on, you may find that you have to carefully scrape away the sticky stuff. You can do this with a razor blade but be careful not to press so hard that you damage the surface. Once the sticky debris is cleared, continue cleaning as usual.

When you finally have your stove top as clean as you want it, do a final pass with the vinegar and buff it to a nice polished shine and your stove will maintain its new appearance for years to come.


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