Gas vs. Electric Cooktop

Gas vs. Electric Cooktop

When it comes to kitchen gadgets, the stove reigns supreme. These machines dictate whether you’re having instant macaroni or homemade spaghetti Bolognese for dinner. They fry eggs, boil pasta and sweat vegetables, but which type of cooktop is the best? There are two schools of thought and consumers are generally split between them. Should you use electric or gas? Check out these facts about America’s favorite cooktop styles and see for yourself.

Ignition and Cooking: With an electric stove, turning it on simply requires a quick flick of the knob to get the heat going. Gas ovens, on the other hand, normally require an igniter switch to light the flame once the gas has come on. Electric ovens are also known to heat more quickly and consistently than a gas oven; unfortunately, if the power goes out, so does your heat source.

The gas heated stoves provide greater control over the heat you use. When you’re finished cooking on a gas stove top, simply turn it off and the burners cool quickly, allowing you to leave food to rest without fear of overcooking or burning. Sometimes with electric burners, turning off the element doesn’t turn off the heat right away, and it can take some time for it to cool, meaning your food continues to cook.


Cleaning and Surface Space: Electric stove tops have an advantage when they’re smooth, rather than coiled elements. Ceramic cleaning is easy with a soft cloth; you can wipe away just about anything that’s stuck on. These smooth surfaced tops also make a stable cooking surface for any type of dish, pan or pot, allowing you to cook your food evenly.

Cleaning a gas cooktop means removing the cast-iron grates, which sometimes may require soaking to get clean. Unfortunately, removing these parts can cause other portions of the internal stove components to be knocked loose. This requires a little extra elbow grease, but can be rewarding, as gas cooking offers some serious heat and has been equated to cooking on an open grill.


There are many pros and cons to both types of stove tops, but ultimately, it will come down to personal preference and favored mode of use. Many consumers prefer to use the type of cooktop they’re most familiar with. Those who have worked in professional restaurants might consider a gas range to be best, while those who grew up watching their mother with an old-style electric coil top stove may be drawn to that style. Choose a style that feels comfortable, compliments your kitchen, and makes you want to get cooking.

Whatever stove type you choose, be sure to take care of it. Regular cleanings and maintenance will save you money in the long run. In the mean time, if you have problems with your stove or oven, call us at Absolute Appliances Repair, and one of our professional experienced employees will be happy to check it out. Visit us online at for a closer look at other repair services we offer.