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Why is My Gas Stove Clicking?

What to Do If Your Gas Stove Never Gets Past the Clicking Sound First thing’s first, most gas stoves make a “clicking” sound. That’s the sound the stove makes when the electric igniter is trying to light the burner. But if you notice a “clicking” sound after the burner is lit or the burner doesn’t […]

How to Clean Your Glass Stove Tops

There is nothing sleeker and more stylish in a kitchen than a beautiful scratch free glass stove top. This new element can give any kitchen a modern look, and when not in use, can also serve as additional counter space when you don’t have a lot of room to work with. That is until you […]

5 Must-Have Safety Features for Kitchens If You Have Children

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. But no matter where you live, what culture you spring from, or what family lifestyle you choose, you’ll find that just about everyone loves to hang around the kitchen. For this reason exactly, it’s important to consider “child-proofing” this space. When you […]

Downdraft Vs. Vent Hood – Which One is For You?

While it’s true that cooking can fill your entire home with fantastic, tempting smells and flavorful visions of glorious meals, using that cooktop without proper ventilation can also stress surfaces, create heat, fumes, smoke, and bad odors, and can damage surfaces in the kitchen. The answer is effective kitchen ventilation to increase comfort, keep things […]

Does Your Dishwasher Smell? Here are 3 Potential Reasons Why

Having a dishwasher is one of the most appreciated modern conveniences of our time. Over the years, it has probably saved countless hours of labor for most households. The benefits of having a dishwasher are many, and we sometimes take these little appliances for granted until something goes afoul. It’s that one time when you […]