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Are Your Appliances Ready for Summer?

Summer is just about here, and that probably means that use of your kitchen will change a bit – maybe the refrigerator will be opened and closed more times each day as the kids grab snacks, and maybe your oven will be used less than it is during the colder winter months. In celebration of […]

How to Avoid Appliance Repair Scams in San Francisco

When your washer, dryer, refrigerator, or other major appliance stops working properly, fixing it often becomes an immediate priority. Whether the idea of hundreds of dollars’ worth of food spoiling scares you, or the thought of having to travel to a laundromat stresses you out more, the fact is that you will need the help […]

Appliance Repair during COVID-19: What You Should Know

If your washer, freezer, stove, or any other appliance you have needs to be repaired, there are some special steps you should take during the coronavirus pandemic to keep everyone involved as safe as possible. While some appliances are “nice to have” and aren’t as vital as others, there are some appliances that need repairs […]

How to Clean Your Glass Top Stove without Scratching It

We know how much you love your glass stovetop, and at Absolute Appliances Repair in San Francisco, we also know how to help you clean it and take care of it so that you reap many good years of service from it. However, our customers may not know the proper ways to clean it without […]

Why Overloading Your Washer can Drain Your Wallet

Let’s face it – your washer is awesome! The convenience it provides and the thorough cleaning it accomplishes on even the dirtiest clothes is impressive. Washing machines are thankfully built to provide years of service, but you might be cutting those years short by doing some bad laundry habits you might not even be aware […]

Tips for Improving Refrigerator Performance

Many people in Marin County don’t realize just how much energy appliances consume every day – until the electricity bills arrive or until a dryer, oven, or freezer breaks down suddenly. It’s common for us to want to find ways to cut energy uses and trim those utility bills – but at what cost? We […]

DIY Dishwasher Repair Tips

There are plenty of ways your dishwasher can cause headaches for you, no matter how old it is or how much you paid for it. While it’s true that for most of the time it’s in your home, your dishwasher works just fine, but there are many things that come into play – everyday things […]